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charismatich0neyyy from Calderdale,United Kingdom
My body has been flushed with wanting for some time now. It has gotten to the point that I cannot handle it anymore and need to find a man well equipped to meet my demands and needs. Someone who is tender and thorough, makes sure that I am completely...
HalifaxHalifax, Calderdalelocation_on
Shemale | 55 | Gay
SUNAmYMowning from Bradford,United Kingdom
If you need someone who can get crazy and naughty with you at any time, I’m your best choice. I’m not acting like an all talk and no trousers when I say that I’m fun to be with. I really am a fun lass and I can make you experience wild things y...
BradfordBradford, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 31 | Gay
techyqueen from Bradford,United Kingdom
The only thing you can do for yourself is to invest in the one thing that will truly matter in your life. Some may invest in blowing up their fortune while others prefer to pile up their knowledge. While these things are good, I think there is someth...
BradfordBradford, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 30
bumrider from Leeds,United Kingdom
Here are some things you absolutely need to know about me: 1. I hate spooning! I would rather have my asshole rimmed than to do such a mushy thing. 2. You can turn me on by wearing some suspenders. 3. I enjoy being starkers inside my flat. 4. Ana...
MorleyMorley, Leedslocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Bisexual
cupcakeh3ad from Leeds,United Kingdom
Looking for perfection? Well, I am not the woman for you. I have my flaws, like my short temper and tendency to be needy, but I embrace them all. But if you are looking for a loyal and exciting gal to chat with, I'm your perfect match!
PudseyPudsey, Leedslocation_on
Shemale | 31
50shades0fgrey from Bradford,United Kingdom
If you are feeling horny while you’re reading this, I suggest that you give me a message right now because I can surely help you. I don’t really give a pin if you’re single or not because the only thing that I’ll care about is making you and ...
BradfordBradford, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 27 | Bisexual
sweetchick from Bradford,United Kingdom
I think my tits are good enough to make any man want to have a taste of my body. You can motorboat my tits all you want if you like. All it takes is to send me something nice. You can compliment me or praise. It is up to you! The important thing is t...
KeighleyKeighley, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 48 | Bisexual
VivaFoster01923 from Bradford,United Kingdom
Always been a power bottom ever since I started to have sex. So if you're a top who is still learning the ropes, I would gladly tell you what you're going to do to make sure that the two of us will be smiling from ear to ear once we're done. And if y...
BradfordBradford, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 33 | Gay
s3xybear from Bradford,United Kingdom
I’m at a loose end these past few days and I thought that it would be fun to use my spare time to find some dishy lads who could keep me some company in any way that they can. I also think that it would be nice if the lads that I’m gonna find are...
KeighleyKeighley, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 32 | Gay
AmeliaRose17 from Calderdale,United Kingdom
This sadness is killing me already and it would really be nice if I get to find a dishy lad who can save me and who can make me chuffed again. I don’t really have any particular kind of lad in mind because I’m known to get along well with anyone ...
BrighouseBrighouse, Calderdalelocation_on
Shemale | 35 | Gay
thecocklicker from Bradford,United Kingdom
My wig collection displayed along my shelves is my favourite thing about my room. I have accumulated them over the years and kept them in pristine condition as much as I can. But there have been a few mishaps of getting a bit of cum or lube on the on...
BradfordBradford, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 38 | Gay
SexHuntress from Bradford,United Kingdom
A proper lady should know how to make her man happy and pleased. She should not be afraid of going down and doing all the dirty work. If you are looking for that kind of lady, then you need to stop your search. Send me a message and I will tell you w...
BradfordBradford, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 31 | Bisexual
MajesticCara from Bradford,United Kingdom
A dominant lass in search for a willing and submissive pet. I love subs who has a sassy mouth and perky arse that I could spank or bite into. A gent who I could play with and not feel bored. Someone who is willing to let me put a leather collar on hi...
BradfordBradford, Bradfordlocation_on
Shemale | 36 | Gay

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